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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Spanish Fly contain Cantharides or Canitis?

No. Spanish Fly does NOT contain Cantharides, nor Canitis, nor any other form of an extract from the blister beetle. It was an ingredient of the old, legendary Spanish Fly, but since this substance is toxic it is NOT an ingredient of our original Spanish Fly.

Will you write the name of the product on the package?

No. We will pack your order discreetly, with no brand name or product name visible on the packaging. Nobody will know what you ordered.

Does it also work on men?

Yes, our product is designed to work with the same effects for women and men.

Is Spanish Fly legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy. Spanish Fly is a dietary supplement that meets all the requirements set out by the U.S. FDA.

How can I order Spanish Fly?

Just click here, make your choice, place your order and pay. We wil take care of all the rest.

What color and taste has the Spanish Fly?

Spanish Fly is yellow and tastes like grapefruit (but it does not change the color or flavor of the drink in which you are mixing it).

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