Spanish Fly is designed for women, men and couples who are experiencing a loss of libido and who are trying to bring back interest and excitement into their sex lives.

✔ Enjoy quicker full body arousal

✔ Increase your appetite for sex (and maybe even fantasies and anticipation…)

✔ Ladies – Spanish Fly also increases your natural vaginal lubrication

Spanish Fly is a stringently tested product that meets all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements. It is completely safe to use, even on a daily basis, with NO negative side-effects!


The mystery of Spanish Fly is hidden in its formula. Spanish Fly contains an enormous amount of precious ingredients along with strong aphrodisiacs that help to boost sexual desire with just a few drops.

1 Put a few drops of Spanish Fly into a beverage

Shake the bottle and then 5 drops should be enough for everyone – the product is highly concentrated. 5 drops. It’s all you need.

2 Mix it and drink it

Spanish Fly has a yellow color and grapefruit taste, but since you need to use only 5 drops, it doesn’t change the color or flavor of the drink

3 Wait a few minutes for the drops to take effect

10 minutes should be enough

Help by setting the right mood and atmosphere